When is the next big VC?

Kingdom entrepreneur industrial era, known for its bold innovations and high-profile hires, is now the latest to be sold.The news comes just a few weeks after the company sold its flagship online store, King of Oreskos, to a group of investors led by Founders Fund, the company’s primary investor.Kingdom CEO Chris D’Arcy, who was the […]

When you get lucky, you don’t need to spend $100K on a book title

Entrepreneurs are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to the selection of titles for their books.The question is: which ones should I choose?This is where I came across an article by entrepreneur bookseller and author of the book, Entrepreneur Advice.In the article, founder of the Entrepreneur Bookstore and Author of The Entrepreneur Guide, […]

Which book author helped you get your start?

By now you probably know the story of the doctor who started a medical practice.He went from being an unemployed single dad to one of the nation’s leading surgeons.And the reason?He learned how to read the world and be an entrepreneur.But if you don’t know about the entrepreneur who started the medical practice, that story […]

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Televisa’s Maria Cristina Nicolás reports that in Spain, “more than half of all female entrepreneurs are female”.The number of female entrepreneurs has doubled in the last five years and the number of women in leadership roles has also doubled in Spain.Cristina’s report also noted that in 2016, “women’s participation in business is increasing, with more […]

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