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The top entrepreneurial books from 2018 to 2019 include a mix of business and technology books.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular books in the genre.

Title Date Publisher ISBN Publisher Publisher/s Publisher/source Amazon Alexa Bestsellers 2018/2019 Amazon Alexa Top 50 Bestseller Lists 2018/19 Amazon Alexa Entrepreneur Salary: The Top 5 Jobs in America 2018/20 Amazon Alexa List of Top 5 Entrepreneurs 2018/21 Amazon Alexa What Entrepreneurs Are Doing for You 2018/22 Amazon Alexa How to Build a Great Career in a Competitive Industry 2018/23 Amazon Alexa Startup Salary: 25 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About the Job Market 2018/24 Amazon Alexa 15 Things You Should Know to Start Your First Business in 2018/25 Amazon Alexa 10 Entrepreneurs Who Changed the World 2018/26 Amazon Alexa The Top 100 Entrepreneurs in America 2017/2018 Amazon Alexa Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2018/27 Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa Business of the Year: The Rise and Fall of Mark Cuban 2018/28 Amazon Alexa 30 Lessons You Can Learn from the Best Entrepreneurs Today 2018/29 Amazon Alexa 12 Top Entrepreneurs who Are Taking the Next Step 2018/30 Amazon Alexa 7 Things You Need to Know About a CEO Who Loves You 2018: Amazon Alexa

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