How Oprah Winfrey Created a $25 Million Startup in 3 Weeks

By JOSHUA J. STAPLETONThe Associated PressAssociated PressPosted July 06, 2018 10:53:31The Oprah Winfords first company was a simple website, selling “candy,” a line of homemade chocolate bars.

Now, the Winfries have become the first billionaire families to create a full-fledged start-up business.

Oprah Winfrey, whose family has built wealth through her TV and movie success, and her husband, the late Charles, founded a start-ups company, the Oprah Win Fords Entrepreneurship Fund, with partners Charles and Oprah Winfried.

The fund will create an annual fund that will allow the couple to invest in the first $25 million worth of business ventures, including the first business, the website, the entertainment channel and the television show.

Charles Winfried, an investor in the fund, said the fund is meant to “create a permanent fund for entrepreneurs who have the potential to make a difference in the world, and to provide a path to riches for generations to come.”

Charles Winfried, the founder of the Oprah-owned television network, has donated $10 million to the fund and the fund will give him $25,000 in return for giving the WinFords $10,000.

The fund will help fund a start up for every couple in the family, and will be administered by the Charles Winfied Foundation.

The foundation, which also is helping to finance the start-Up Fund, says the venture fund is the first in a series of initiatives by the Winfrieds and their families to help help entrepreneurs build lasting wealth and to empower others.

Charles and Oprah have raised about $100 million since the Winfreys began their family business in 1996, and in 2014 they launched the Oprah Media Group, which is owned by the family.

The couple have spent millions on media properties, including CNN, The Oprah WinFridges’ OWN Network and The Oprah Show.

They also have built a large network of businesses and charities.

The foundation says it is seeking to help create “an entrepreneurial ecosystem” to “help entrepreneurs get started, grow and make a lasting impact.”

The Winfisters, whose net worth is $80 billion, will invest $10.5 million in the start up and $10 billion in the foundation, Charles said in a statement.

They said they are looking for the first venture that will help a couple of young people who are just starting out get a foot in the door.

The couple is also seeking a mentor for the fund.

Charles said they would also like to create an incubator where entrepreneurs can find mentors to help them develop their businesses.

Charles added that the couple would like to give more resources to help other entrepreneurs because “they are the people who really are doing the big things and have the big impact.”

“We want to help people be able to create their own businesses and to help others do the same,” he said.

Charles is the chairman of the Charles & Oprah Win Family Foundation.

The new venture is aimed at creating the first fund to help entrepreneurs with “entrepreneurship aspirations,” the foundation said in its statement.

The $25-million fund is intended to help fund the first of the couple’s start- ups.

The family has a combined net worth of $80.6 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

The WinFrites said they will contribute $25.5m to the start of the fund as well as $10m in a matching contribution to the foundation.

Charles wrote in the statement: “We have had many opportunities to help this company grow and to grow the wealth of the WinFs family.

But we feel that we are at a time where it is time to make this investment and to be able take it to the next level.

We are grateful for this opportunity to help our family and to take a step forward with our company.

We look forward to building on the opportunity.”

Charles &amp.

Oprah Win fords fund is a new venture to help start- up entrepreneursThe fund is funded in part by Charles &amps.

Oprah’s foundation, along with the Charles family, will pay for the investment.

Charles’ foundation is also giving $10-million in matching contributions to the new venture.

Charles has given millions to charities and nonprofits, and is a long-time philanthropist, according a biography on his foundation’s website.

Charles &amps &ampwift &amprand, a nonprofit focused on philanthropy and the arts, says Charles’ foundation will provide the initial $25M to the company.

The donation will also provide the foundation with “funds to continue to fund philanthropic endeavors, such as arts education, arts development and the creation of an advisory board.”

Charles, who has donated to a number of causes, including helping children with cancer, will receive a $1 million gift from his foundation

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