How to launch a startup and get your company noticed by venture capitalists

Business owners are always in search of a new source of income and have always been looking for a way to make a living, especially in India.

Today, they have a new choice to choose from: to start a startup.

With a burgeoning tech industry, there is also a need to have a startup as a way of diversifying the businesses that are available in the market.

The entrepreneurs that have been making headlines in India for the last few years, like the entrepreneur and his startup, Aakash Chopra, are offering to help businesses in the country diversify their income streams.

Aakish is a serial entrepreneur who founded a company called Gurgaon-based e-commerce company in 2007.

He has been making a name for himself with his successful e-tailer, Aashik Chopra.

The founder of the company also had his own company, the startup called Aak-Sites, which was founded in 2009.

In 2009, he started Aakasha, a startup that he had been running for a few years.

In 2012, he launched Aakas India and Aakaseks India, which are two e-services that he was selling in India through a portal.

He is now the founder and CEO of Aakashes India.

In India, startups have been a big part of the economic landscape since the country became a startup nation in 2013.

In 2016, there were a whopping 12,948 startups in India and the number of companies in the industry has been increasing at an average of 6.3 per cent per annum.

In addition to offering a platform for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, there are also a few startups that have come up from outside India that have become popular with venture capitalists.

For instance, Akshay Gupta founded BHU (Bluehub, which offers a platform that lets entrepreneurs manage their online business in a seamless manner).

The startup has raised $20 million from over 100 investors, including Union Bank of India, Viacom, Tata Sons, Infosys, Vodafone India, and others.

In 2017, the company received a whopping $10 million from Infosos, Voda, and Aditya Birla.

The startup has also been seen to become a model for other startups in the sector, as well.

Akshayan Gupta, founder of Akshaya, was one of the founders of the online portal, BHUs portal, that allows people to access BHu, a national database of Indian companies.

Aiyar Harsh, founder and chief executive of BHUS, said that they have launched a service called BHus for entrepreneurs in the last three years.

“There is a huge need for a portal like BHuses to enable the entrepreneurs to start their companies.

Entrepreneurs want a quick way to get their business started.

The BHues portal is a good way for them to do that.

It allows them to track the progress of their businesses and see the growth they are seeing,” said Harsh.

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