– It’s the time of year to make new friends, according to the news portal.

It’s also the time for the world to celebrate, as the world’s top businesspeople, media moguls and tech luminaries gather to discuss the new year with one another in New York.

For the next four days, the world will be transformed by a series of special events that will see world leaders, business leaders and the public gather to celebrate the new Year.

The agenda of the events will focus on new trends and innovations that are shaping the world of the future, such as the globalisation of finance, social media and the power of technology to transform businesses.

The events are being organised by the Business Leaders Conference and the Future of Business Summit.

The summit, organised by McKinsey and the New York-based non-profit organization The Future of Tomorrow, will feature leading business leaders in the US and Europe to share ideas and discuss the ways that business will evolve.

The theme of the summit will be the convergence of the world economy and the human economy, said Mark O’Connell, president of McKinsey.

It’s not just about the financial sector, it’s about how we are able to have a sustainable future, he said.

The summit is a chance to learn more about how business will grow and develop, he added.

The business leaders are to meet and discuss ways in which they can make a positive impact in the world, he told News24.

We want to take an opportunity to look at how we can work together and share our insights and insights, he explained.

The Business Leaders Summit, like the Future Of Tomorrow, is the brainchild of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI).

It is a joint venture between the MGI and McKinsey, which is based in New London, Connecticut.

In addition to the business leaders, the summit is being organised on behalf of The Future Of Business Summit and the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Both events are taking place from December 19 to 20.

In the past, the event has featured CEOs of major technology companies, such Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

The Future of the Business Summit aims to encourage more innovation in the way businesses are run, said the summit’s co-organiser, Michael Pechev.

We are looking at ways to improve the way that businesses are structured, how they work, and how they operate, he emphasised.

The future of business, he stated, is one in which companies have to operate in ways that create value, create jobs and support growth.

As a result, the business world is going to need to change, said Pechenv.

In this context, the Future Business Summit is an opportunity for us to look around the world and understand how we do things differently.

In particular, we are looking to explore ways in the United States, to look what are the opportunities to improve governance, how do we change the culture and the way we work, he argued.

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