Startup founders inspire young entrepreneurs: Startups for young entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly important in the country, with more than 3.4 million startups registered in 2014, according to a new report.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Ahmedabad, a city that has a huge concentration of tech firms, has recently launched a programme, Startup India, to support the growth of young Indian entrepreneurs.

The Startup India programme is focused on mentoring and training young entrepreneurs in various areas of technology, entrepreneurship and related fields.

The programme is designed to foster young entrepreneurs and help them build businesses with broad-based user base and strong sales potential.

“We are excited about the success of Startup India.

In this initiative, we have created a unique and holistic programme to provide training and mentoring opportunities for young Indian founders,” IIM Chairman Manish Nandkishor said in a statement.

“The programme will also be integrated with our IIT and IIT-Madras programmes and other programmes to help these young entrepreneurs get the best possible experience and grow.”IIM’s programme will help young entrepreneurs to:Knowledge their business modelLearn the skills and expertise needed to run a successful businessStart a businessLearn relevant knowledge about the market and industry to help them develop a strong business and attract the right peopleTo take part in the programme, entrepreneurs need to register with IIM, which will send them an application form.

The IIM will then help them identify the right mentors and help build a strong team.

Once the entrepreneur has completed the application, the company will receive support and guidance from IIM mentors.

The mentors are expected to be well-versed in the area of the business and be able to mentor and train the startup founder.

The program aims to empower Indian entrepreneurs with skills and skillsets that will help them get the most out of their careers.

Development Is Supported By

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