The most underappreciated celebrity business on the planet

The latest in the long-running saga of the Kardashians’ fashion empire has its own PR department.

For nearly a decade, Kourtney Kardashian has used her fashion brand to generate revenue for herself and her family.

The fashion-focused clothing line has generated a whopping $1.3 billion in sales for the Kardashian empire since it launched in 2004.

Now, the Kardashian fashion empire is facing a possible shutdown.

The company’s parent company, Koss Entertainment, has filed for bankruptcy protection.

That means the K-beauty line’s parent, Kmart, will also be unable to continue selling clothing.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had a business go through this kind of transition,” Kmart President and CEO Michael Smith told Fox Business Network’s “Shark Tank.”

“This was always a great opportunity for Kmart to be able to focus on growing our business,” Smith added.

“It was an opportunity to make a huge financial return.”

The K-Mart bankruptcy filing said that the company’s business was “highly dependent on Koss,” and that it would “exhibit a substantial amount of cash flows” for its creditors.

Koss is also expected to have to pay back creditors and repurchase assets.

The Kmart bankruptcy filing is likely to cause significant damage to the Koss empire, which is one of the world’s largest clothing retailers.

Kmart is also the second largest retailer in the world.

Kourtney, who is married to Kris Jenner, owns a string of clothing lines, including the Kardashian family line.

The Kardashian family owns nearly 50 percent of Kmart.

Koss has had to lay off hundreds of workers, including some of its most senior executives.

A spokeswoman for the company told the Associated Press that some workers will lose their jobs and that “the company is looking for new leadership.”

The company has had an increasingly tough time keeping up with demand for its clothing.

It has faced a sharp decline in sales in recent years, according to Nielsen.

In the last four years, KK’s net sales fell 18 percent.

The clothing brand’s net profit fell 28 percent.

Kmart, which has been in a legal battle with the federal government over the sale of its brand, has also been hit by declining sales in the past year.

In June, KJ’s fashion brand was temporarily shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice after the Department of Agriculture filed a lawsuit over the company and its suppliers’ conduct.

The lawsuit alleged that KK and its supply chain workers were paid $15 an hour less than the U-turn workers who were not paid at all.

The agency also claimed that Kmart did not comply with minimum wage laws.KKourtneys sister Kylie Jenner was recently featured in the documentary “Kourtneese,” in which she is interviewed by the late Bob Costas.

The film features interviews with Kourtneys children, including Kourtne, who was born in the United States.

The documentary also features interviews where Kourtons children are confronted with issues like being raised by an American parent and the possibility of leaving home to study abroad.

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