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Entrepreneur’s elevator pitches are a must read article The Washington State Legislature passed a bill that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital, but it is unclear if the legislation will be signed into law.

In response to questions about the bill, the legislative secretary said the department would not be commenting on the bill until it was approved by the state’s finance committee.

The bill would make it harder for a business to raise money through a series of steps, such as raising a $100,000 private-equity investment or using the state capital stock.

The bill is being drafted by state Sen. Richard Pan, R-Tacoma.

Pan, who introduced the bill last week, said in a statement that he hopes it is signed into statute by the Legislature.

Pan said he believes it is important that entrepreneurs have the tools to successfully raise capital in the state, because a lot of people who are seeking venture capital don’t know how to raise the capital they need.

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