The world of women founders: Who is who?

Founder stories, a new series that tracks the rise and fall of the women founders, are now available for your reading pleasure.

The series is curated by The Verge’s Lauren Goode, with a team of editors, and features some of the best content from the Women in Tech world.

Here are 10 of our favorites.1.

Katie Murphy, CEO of a digital agency.

Murphy was one of the first women to enter the tech world.

She went on to work at a start-up and now runs her own digital agency with a focus on growing women-owned businesses.

Murphy’s success is a testament to how far women have come in tech.2.

Amanda Shires, founder of AvantGard, an online marketplace for creative and consumer goods.

Shires is one of only two women in the U.S. to hold a senior leadership position at a Fortune 500 company.

Shades has a clear, ambitious vision for her company, and it’s built around a simple premise: creating and selling affordable and accessible products.

She’s the first female executive in her field.3.

Sara Koss, cofounder of the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Shopify.

Koss cofounded Shopify in 2005, and has since grown it to one of America’s most-visited online retailers.

In the early days, Koss struggled to find a way to get her products on the shelves of her customers’ homes.

She began by making a spreadsheet, and later made it easier to use online platforms like Shopify to get products into her stores.4.

Rebecca Smith, CEO and cofounder at Travesty.

Smith is the cofounder and chief product officer of Travidelity, a leading e-retailer, and the first woman to hold the position.

In 2015, Travety lost a lawsuit to the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that its customer service was inadequate, but Smith says she was fired for not meeting company policies to improve customer service.5.

Emily Erskine-Smith, CEO at Zendesk, a data analytics company.

Ersko has built a business around selling data analytics to organizations and businesses.

Eriesk has also built her career on building tools that allow her to connect with customers to provide valuable insight and support.6.

Erin Roberts, CEO for an e-tailer called Evernote.

Roberts founded Evernotex, which has grown into the largest ecommerce marketplace for notebooks, digital documents and other personal documents.

Eros is also one of just two women at the company, a testament not only to the success of her products, but to the company’s commitment to inclusion.7.

Kate Buhr, CEO behind The Girl Code, an ecommerce platform that sells to girls.

Buhrs founded The GirlCode, which is a platform that connects girls to the best retailers, brands, and products.8.

Lisa Han, CEO & cofounder for the nonprofit Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Han is one half of the MomsDRAG collective, which advocates for gun-violence prevention.

The group launched a program called MomsSaveAmerica, which launched a series of “tough love” ads on social media to urge mothers to get involved in the gun violence prevention movement.

Han says that her group has reached more than 200,000 moms with the ads.9.

Amanda Lee, CEO.

Lee was one half the founders of the popular online shopping app Shopify and the cofounders of the new online shopping startup Shopable.

Lee’s vision for Shopable is that all women can shop together.

Lee wants to build Shopable into a marketplace that has a strong focus on helping businesses sell to all customers.10.

Elizabeth Hester, CEO, the #1 female entrepreneur in the world.

Hester is the founder of a new e-book publisher, The Next Billion Women, which features a wide range of stories, interviews and insights about women in business and technology.

She also has written and spoken about the industry on numerous radio and television shows.

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