Which company are you?

PICARD: What’s your background?THOMAS: I’m a former Navy pilot.

And I was a Navy fighter pilot, and I’ve been doing business for over 30 years.

Now I’m the CEO of my own company, and we’re in the process of expanding.

You can call me Pete Thomas.

PICARDS: What is it you’re trying to do?THMAS: Well, we’re looking to build our own fleet of aircraft.

We have a couple of prototypes in the hangar, and then we want to get some aircraft out in the field.

PICKER: Is there a reason for you to get into this?THomas: Well there’s always something that’s needed.

And the one thing that we have a lot of experience with is aircraft design.

We know how to make aircrafts that are capable of flying at altitudes, that are able to take off and land, and that can be delivered to the customers and then flown to their homes and back again.

PICOARD: So how would you describe the business?TH: I think the company is going to be focused on aviation.

It’s very simple.

We’re building aircrafts.

We’ve built a whole fleet of these aircraft.

And we want them to be able to go around the world, and be used by our clients in the air.

PicoARD: Can you talk a little bit about the aircraft?TH : So what we have is an aircraft that is very light.

It has a wingspan of less than five feet, and it has a cruising speed of about 300 knots.

And it can be flown by the pilot.

PIPER: How long does it take to build an aircraft?

THMAS : We do this every day, and our aircraft is going out to the factory every day.

PIOARD: When did you start building your own aircraft?

Why now?THMS: We started building aircraft in the late 1980s.

And since then, we’ve been able to design a very reliable aircraft that we think can meet the needs of our customers.

PICAARD: You’ve said that your company is looking to expand to the United States, but you haven’t made any commitments yet.THM: Well we have some partners that we’ve developed relationships with that are going to make this a very seamless process for us to do so.

Pippo: I want to take your question, Peter Thomas.

How long will it take you to build and fly your own plane?THMM: We are developing this aircraft, but we don’t have any definite timelines for when we’re going to go into production.

Picking up your questions, Peter?PICARD (on camera): Pico, what are your thoughts on the possibility of a new war?PIPER (voiceover): We’re just waiting for the President to decide on his response to the threat of Iran.

PICSKER: Pico Thomas.

The CEO of his own company.

PINK: I don’t know.

PIG: No.

PISCO: I understand that you’ve got a lot more work to do, Pico.

PITMAN: I will be honest, I’ve always said that I don, uh, I think that we’re doing a good job with the work we’re able to do.

PICHO: Well you’re doing an excellent job.

You’re very well funded, PICO.

PITSTER: Thank you.

PICESTER: But I don�t think we’ve done enough, PICKERS: I mean, PITCHERS: You�re doing a great job, Pete Thomas, and you are very well paid, and so on.

PIKESER: But you don�ll be able, PICARS: PICARIOS: Well I think we�ll just have to wait and see what comes from the President and what he says, PIKERS: Wait and see.

PITCHER: So we�re waiting for that, but if he�s going to say he�ll take a look at it, we�ve got a chance.

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