Why I decided to leave Facebook

Founder of the Facebook startup Vostok says he’s not the type of person who would jump into an unknown startup without first thinking about the risks and challenges.

Vostok, the founder of the popular social network Vostomos, said he has not decided whether to stay at Facebook for more than a year or to exit the company entirely.

He made the comments at an event in Istanbul on Wednesday where he and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed the future of the social network and its users.

Volt, who has also founded the startup YC, said his decision to leave the company is based on his beliefs about how Facebook operates and what it wants to become.

Vox has previously reported that Vosto is in talks with Facebook to develop a social network that can offer real-time content, such as news, photos and videos.

The company is also working on a platform that would allow users to share their life experiences with friends.

Vos, a native Turkish speaker who speaks in English, said Facebook is in “an incredible moment” and that his decision “will be a turning point” for his company.

He said Facebook needs to change to make it a “greater platform for innovation and social impact.”

Vosto’s founder said that Facebook needs “a new culture” and he would like to see a “stronger vision of how the platform should operate.”

Vos added that he hopes to return to Facebook someday, but that he would “definitely stay with Facebook and work on Vostos for the next 10 years.”

Vonk, a former Uber driver who founded the company, said that he’s glad he’s been able to stay with Vostochos and that he is “happy” that the company has attracted venture capitalists and has become “one of the most popular companies in Turkey.”

Vonevan, who is also founder of Vostokin, said Vostoka is “not a company that is doing business as usual,” and that the future for Vostoku depends on the “growth of the ecosystem.”

Vogorski, who joined Vostojos in 2014, said she is “very optimistic” about the future.

“Vostoka has always been a platform for the creation of new and unique products, and now that it has become a platform of social impact, we are ready to continue the process of evolution,” she said.

Vogor, who spoke in English but also translated for the audience, also said he is proud of the Vostoki team, the team’s achievements, and its vision for the future: “We have become a company with a strong vision and we want to create a great social platform.”

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