Which women entrepreneurs are you?

There’s an emerging segment of Israeli entrepreneurs who, while not all of them are women, have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

These women have made significant contributions to the Israeli economy.

The Jerusalem Times reported last month that a female entrepreneur from the northern city of Beer Sheva, for instance, is the CEO of an energy-focused, solar-powered business.

There are also several women founders of start-ups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-in-training who are active in social-media, the news site reported.

There is also a new generation of female entrepreneurs whose success has been fueled by a new focus on social media.

According to a 2016 study by the Israeli business magazine Globes, more than 80% of Israeli start-up founders are women.

The number of women in the country’s entrepreneurial scene is growing as a result of the economic growth of the Israeli population, and the country is poised to become a center for women entrepreneurs, says Yael Golan, a senior fellow at the Herzliya-based organization Women in Entrepreneurship.

Golan is also the author of “Startup Nation: A Guide to the Middle East’s Emerging Innovators.”

The report, published last month, identified “a large number of Israeli women who are leading the way in this field.”

The group includes Sara Haski, a founder of an Israeli start up and CEO of the Israel Chamber of Commerce; Sara Khayyat, a founding partner of the Tel Aviv-based start-Up Israel; and Arava Alon, a partner at the Tel Levan-based venture capital firm Angel Capital.

Golans report said that the number of female start- ups and entrepreneurs is on the rise in Israel, with a rise of 10% over the past two years.

And while the number is relatively small, there are more than 1,000 women entrepreneurs in the Tel Tel Aviv area alone, Golan says.

“The Israeli start ups are more entrepreneurial than many other countries in the world.

In Israel, you can see the roots of this innovation are in the Israeli social networks,” Golan told The Jerusalem Daily.

“You can see that the network has always been there for women to share their ideas.”

A female entrepreneur in Tel Aviv in 2015.

The study also found that among the top 20 female entrepreneurs in Israel was Amna, a 26-year-old entrepreneur who is active in Facebook and Twitter.

She started a start-UP called “Hagorot” to share her experiences, and she’s one of a handful of Israeli female entrepreneurs to have her name associated with a successful business.

Amna told The Times that she has no regrets about starting Hagorot, and that she’s grateful to the country for supporting her entrepreneurial endeavors.

The group also includes an entrepreneur from Tel Aviv’s Arab community, a women from Tel Aviv, a female engineer from Tel Beni, and a female businesswoman who started a small Israeli-Israeli company called Mimi, based on the idea of bringing in local talent.

Mimi has recently started operations in Tel Bena and Jerusalem, according to the company’s website.

Another female entrepreneur, Mitzi Zimri, also founded an Israeli-based company that sells home appliances and other items online.

She has started her own company, and is working with a local business owner to open a branch in Tel Avi.

The women’s success story in the field of entrepreneurship is a story of resilience and perseverance, says Golan.

“This is a country that is very difficult for many women to succeed.

But this is the story of the Israelis who have come up with solutions and solutions are coming out of this,” she says.

A female Israeli entrepreneur in Jerusalem.

Women entrepreneurs in Tel-Aviv, Tel-Haifa and Haifa.

“They are the women of tomorrow,” Golan says.

A second Israeli-born entrepreneur, Zina, has been a part of this community for more than a decade.

She was one of the first female founders of the popular online dating app, Kabbalah, which has been popular in the region for several years.

The company has also been a leader in the local Israeli market, Golano says.

Zina founded her first startup, Yiddishy, in 2015 and has also started two more since then.

She told The Daily that the success of the company is partly due to the support of the social network Yidda.

Yiddas founder, Moshe Pinsky, is also an Israeli entrepreneur and the founder of the business-oriented Tel Aviv startup Zalmen, which was recently listed on the Israeli stock exchange.

“I think that Yiddaa is a good place for Israeli women to go and learn from each other,” Zina said.

The report also listed several female founders who have launched businesses and launched businesses that are going viral. One

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