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The ‘bitter truth’ about the “dear and wonderful” Hillary Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton has spoken out against the 2016 election results, calling them a “bitter and bitter truth.”“It was a bitter and bitter outcome,” the former president told the American Enterprise Institute in a recent interview.“It’s the truth, folks.It’s the one true thing.”Bill Clinton said his “brief and very painful” experience during the 2016 […]

Black entrepreneurs face challenges with business ownership

Black entrepreneurs have faced challenges in the past decade as their economic and political power has eroded.They have struggled to secure funding for their businesses, access to credit, access into the broader economy and, in some cases, access even to their homes.In addition, they’ve faced the loss of jobs.Black entrepreneurs, like any other Americans, are […]

CEO of food company in the UK wants to ‘open a market’ for his own food

Businesswoman and entrepreneur Lisa Taylor is one of several entrepreneurs in the food business who want to see their own businesses thrive in the U.K. In a new book, she lays out the challenges that face her and others like her.She’s currently writing her first book, Entrepreneur’s Guide to Life After Death, and plans to […]

Five reasons why entrepreneurs are underrated

More than half of the country’s 2.2 million startups fail to break into the US market, a new report from FourFourtwo shows.In fact, just 16 percent of the firms in the country are considered ‘unicorns’, which are companies valued at more than $100 billion.Read moreWhat makes the US so hard to start up?The study says […]

How to get started as an entrepreneur in Africa

Africa has been a very interesting place to be a startup entrepreneur.In fact, it has been the world’s largest hub for entrepreneurs.So what can you learn to do to get your foot in the door and make money as an African entrepreneur?Startups can be a very lucrative career path for African entrepreneurs.Here are the 5 […]

Which is the best app to help you launch a business in India?

By The Associated Press|Published Aug 05, 2018 09:30AM IST The Indian startup ecosystem is rapidly becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing.The government is funding more than 100 startups a month and has invested close to $1 billion in the sector in recent years.The world’s second-largest economy is home to more than 1.5 billion people, and […]

When You Have to Be an Entrepreneur to Win an Entrepreneurship Pitch

“I started a little over a year ago, and I’ve been working on it for a year now,” said Kevin Linn, the founder of the online store, Etsy.“We’ve had a lot of success, but we’re also trying to grow.We’re not as good as we used to be, but the market has shifted.The business model has […]

Why Black Women Are Taking The Gift Economy Seriously: The Black Women Entrepreneurs

As we look ahead to 2020, the gift economy is gaining momentum.It’s a movement that has been growing in popularity in recent years.And it’s bringing many of the same challenges as the men’s movement.But Black women entrepreneurs are making the case for a new approach, one that is embracing the power of social media and […]

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