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When you get lucky, you don’t need to spend $100K on a book title

Entrepreneurs are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to the selection of titles for their books.The question is: which ones should I choose?This is where I came across an article by entrepreneur bookseller and author of the book, Entrepreneur Advice.In the article, founder of the Entrepreneur Bookstore and Author of The Entrepreneur Guide, […]

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who creates or owns something.They can be self-employed or run a business.An entrepreneur does not have a salary.They often have some other financial backing.The word entrepreneur comes from the Greek word for ‘to invent’, so an entrepreneur does make a difference by making things themselves.How do I become an entrepreneur, what […]

What you need to know about cereal entrepreneur James Risen

James Rissen is an investor and entrepreneur with an extensive background in technology.He started his own startup called InVision, which he purchased for $200 million in 2014, and the company went public in early 2017.Since then, he’s been one of the most successful and influential investors in the space.Rissens passion for tech and technology entrepreneurship, […]

How to get your startup noticed, with the right interview

An entrepreneur interviewing with an amazon executive may be a no-brainer, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.The interview is usually just one long slide that takes just a few minutes to read.But the questions can be a bit more challenging than it seems, and a lot of them come with […]

Amazon launches Australia’s first e-commerce business, the ‘Amazon India’

Australia’s Amazon launched a new e-retailer business in the country’s capital Canberra today, hoping to boost its business as Amazon India grows.The new business, Amazon India, was launched in the ACT’s capital city with the aim of providing a “sustainable alternative” to brick-and-mortar stores.The online retail giant is launching the business as part of a […]

The Hustle Entrepreneur Interview Questions

How did you get into entrepreneurship?What skills do you have?What are your passions?What do you do for a living?What is your dream job?Who are your mentors?What motivates you to be an entrepreneur?Are you a self-starter?Do you like to challenge yourself?Do you want to become an entrepreneur in the future?When and how did you first become […]

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