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How to get a minority investor in your business

The first step to getting an investment from a minority owner is to identify the business.Here’s how to get started.Entrepreneur Def (Facebook) is a blog about entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial activities.The blog is focused on the people behind the business and its future.Here’s how it works: Entrepeneurs write a blog post with a link to […]

TechCrunch founder Joshua Brown shares how he got his start

Founder Joshua Brown is a founder of the online entrepreneur website Entrepreneur, and he has been using his expertise to bring back online entrepreneurship to the US.His latest venture is an online retailer called The Online Store, and the online business has attracted the attention of major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.Brown has […]

NHL enlists top American entrepreneur to coach US Olympic team

In a sign of the growing global popularity of the Olympic Games, the National Hockey League has announced it has hired former professional hockey player and entrepreneur Tom Brady as a coach for the U.S. Olympic hockey team.Brady will coach the U, which will begin play in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Aug. 5.It’s the […]

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