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When your job is to write a blog, you probably spend most of your time online.That’s the job for someone who’s been a blogger for decades.But you might be surprised to know that there’s a new job that is a bit more challenging: one that can be as simple as the one you’ve been given.This […]

TechCrunch founder Joshua Brown shares how he got his start

Founder Joshua Brown is a founder of the online entrepreneur website Entrepreneur, and he has been using his expertise to bring back online entrepreneurship to the US.His latest venture is an online retailer called The Online Store, and the online business has attracted the attention of major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy.Brown has […]

The perfect startup is ‘more of the same’

A new generation of entrepreneurs is aiming to revolutionise the way they grow their businesses, but some have found the idea of starting their own is “more of a big step”.Key points:Sara Smith, who runs a startup called “Laughing Squid”, is one of a new generation that’s making the jump to start their own businessesOne […]

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