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Televisa’s Maria Cristina Nicolás reports that in Spain, “more than half of all female entrepreneurs are female”.The number of female entrepreneurs has doubled in the last five years and the number of women in leadership roles has also doubled in Spain.Cristina’s report also noted that in 2016, “women’s participation in business is increasing, with more […]

Which company are you?

PICARD: What’s your background?THOMAS: I’m a former Navy pilot.And I was a Navy fighter pilot, and I’ve been doing business for over 30 years.Now I’m the CEO of my own company, and we’re in the process of expanding.You can call me Pete Thomas.PICARDS: What is it you’re trying to do?THMAS: Well, we’re looking to build […]

When the internet was just a thing, mom entrepreneurs were the first to be the first-moms to do it

Mom entrepreneurs have become the first moms to achieve a major milestone: they have become an early adopter of the internet, an internet-enabled business.According to the 2015 Entrepreneurship Index, the top five categories of entrepreneurs include: business, technology, media, social media, and health care.Mom entrepreneurs have been the first mothers to create the first business […]


Which one is the best gift for entrepreneurs?

1.The best gift is to be an entrepreneur – the most powerful thing that can motivate you is having a great idea.2.The most important thing you can do for your business is be an entrepreneur, and not just in the moment, but also in the long run.3. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to create a legacy […]

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